Friday Quiz

It’s time for the Friday quiz! What would you do?

Submit your answers in the comments below, on Facebook, or by emailing by 6 pm EST Wednesday, October 10. One hundred GammonCoin* will be awarded to the one with the most correct answers (ties split the total). You must warrant that you have not gotten the answer from XG or other experts, human or otherwise!

For checker plays, use the numbers on the board. For double decisions, choose one of these: No Double/Take; No Double/Pass; Double/Take; Double/Pass. Good luck!

Problem 1: 9-away/9-away

Problem 2: 9-away/9-away

Problem 3: 3-away/8-away

Problem 4: 8-away/3-away

Problem 5: 8-away/3-away

Problem 6: 4-away/8-away

Problem 7: 2-away/9-away

FYI I got most of these wrong. I look forward to seeing your answers.

*What’s GammonCoin? GammonCoin was minted by GammonPoints to reward players for playing and winning at local, national, and international competitions. GammonPoints tracks local tournaments and ranks players on a level playing field. See how many GammonPoints you have.

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