About Larry Shiller

Voice of Backgammon Larry Shiller

The Voice of Backgammon Larry Shiller was a radio talk show host with Unconventional Wisdom Radio on WSTC/WNLK and Math in the News with PalTalk.

A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Business School, Larry is the founder and CEO of ShillerLearning, which develops and markets math and language arts curricula to homeschoolers.

A professional violinist, Larry performs in the NYC tri-state area. Check out one of his performances on YouTube with pianist Olga Gurevich.

As a data expert, Larry has consulted for many companies, including Bridgewater Associates, Yale University, HSBC, and Bank of America.

Larry constantly tries to improve his backgammon game and is currently taking lessons with Backgammon Learning Center‘s David Presser but please don’t blame David for Larry’s numerous errors and blunders because – although hard to believe – they have been dramatically reducing under David’s guidance.

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