David Presser

David Presser was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel in 1980. He studied chess and became a National Master by the time he graduated high school.

David took his first serious leap into backgammon at the local Chicago Bar Point Club in 2012, while studying for his master’s degree at Northwestern University.

A top-rated instructor with the Backgammon Learning Center, David is a highly respected player, a reputable teacher and lecturer, and an active member and supporter of the BMAB and USBGF organizations with the goal of promoting the game.

David has many major victories in the US including the prestigious Chicago Bar Point Club Championship in 2013 and 2015, 2014 Minnesota Masters Jackpot, and 2014 NY Metro Limited Jackpot, and participates regularly in international tournaments. His GridGammon nickname is DMP.

David’s analysis is second to none. He has developed strategies and rules-of-thumb that handle nearly every difficult situation a backgammon player could face.

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