It’s Finally Here!

Maybe a thousand players enter major backgammon tournaments around the world. We know who these folks are because they win cash prizes and ABT or other points. And they are promoted by many groups including the Voice of Backgammon.

But the vast majority of backgammon players simply play at home or at local bars. Some clubs offer points but no worldwide system existed. Until now.

Now tournament directors everywhere (including those at the major tournaments) may award GammonPoints to players who place in an event with as few as 8 players.

This is huge for backgammon because it provides a level playing field on which players may compete. In addition, GammonPoints:

  • Provides a consistent point system throughout the world
  • Saves directors time and hassle of keeping track of points
  • Lets players track their progress and see their overall and club rankings
  • Works with any type of tournament event and size
  • Provides chat for directors and players making social interaction and finding matches easy
  • Is free for everyone

Learn more here.

GammonPoints works on any smart phone or computer. No download necessary: Did I say it was also free?

GammonPoints: The FREE points registry for tournament directors and players. Don’t miss out!

For GammonPoints news and rankings, you may simply register here:

Evening End Game

Tonight we are going to look at a cube from the undefeated finals of the California State Championships. In this, game 2, we see Akiko with a four point board and forward anchor vs Steve’s one point board and ace point anchor. Video below (starts @ 26:35).

What do you think, would you double? If doubled, would you take? Comment below with your thoughts!

is Steve Sax

score: 1
pip: 150

11 point match
pip: 121
score: 0 is Akiko Yazawa
on roll, cube action?


eXtreme Gammon Version: 2.10


Answer: Double/Pass

Morning Eye Opener:

Your opponent has played 43 up, do you know when you are supposed to hit twice? Are there any rolls that don’t hit at all? Have you ever seen an opening 43 played this way?

Answer: Check out the dice distribution below.