What BG Stats Would You Like to See?

Imagine for a moment that all backgammon directors – at both local and major tournaments – used the same app to award points. Let’s call them GammonPoints.

Players earn GammonPoints based on their finish, the # of players in the event (minimum of 8), and the strength of the field. For example, in a field of 8 beginners, the winner would earn, say, 1.00 GammonPoints and the runner-up 0.50 GammonPoints.

Clearly, players would love to see how they’re doing against other players in the same club – and nationally/internationally.

As a player or director what other stats or reports would you like to see?

What levels, Master, LifeMaster, etc. would you like to see and how many GammonPoints should be required?

Please leave your comments below because this app can help promote the game. And of course it will be free.

For more information on app FAQs and release date you may register at voiceofbackgammon.com.

Play Online? Please Share Your Experience…

We’re working on a Best Of post on the best (and not-so-best) online backgammon apps, including all three combinations of human-computer play.

Can you help out with your experience? In the comments below, please tell us:

1) Name of the app and platform(s) [e.g., Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android]

2) Cost [free/one-time/subscription]

3) How well or poorly does the computer play?

4) Other comments, e.g., What features would you like to see? Does it support human-human, computer-computer, and/or human-computer play?

Thank you! We will compile and publish the results. Please register if you’d like an email with the results.