Ross Gordon Backgammon Party

Later today the kids and I will be playing some bg – and maybe even stream on Twitch – at a party hosted by Ross Gordon, who runs ABT tournaments in Boston and Hartford, and helps run the one Montreal.

Thanks, Ross, for your continuing promotion and love of backgammon.

Lynn Ehrlich Welcomes VoB to NY Metro Open

Voice of Backgammon will be doing live and streaming commentary at the New York Metropolitan Open January 17-21, 2018.

Lynn Ehrlich, tournament director, runs this popular event and this tournament marks its 11th year. Yes, I know it’s the New York Metropolitan Open and it’s held in Jersey City, New Jersey but the hotel rates are great and so is the venue, with a gorgeous view of NYC.

Please support Lynn by coming and watching VoB’s live stream.

To register and for more information visit

During the tournament, see live streaming at