Evening End Game

Tonight we are going to look at a cube from the undefeated finals of the California State Championships. In this, game 2, we see Akiko with a four point board and forward anchor vs Steve’s one point board and ace point anchor. Video below (starts @ 26:35).

What do you think, would you double? If doubled, would you take? Comment below with your thoughts!

is Steve Sax

score: 1
pip: 150

11 point match
pip: 121
score: 0 is Akiko Yazawa
on roll, cube action?


eXtreme Gammon Version: 2.10


Answer: Double/Pass

One Reply to “Evening End Game”

  1. As my comments on the video indicate, my initial reaction was that this was a pass. Looking at it today I still would not be sure since we do have an anchor and the 4 point made. Most of the time we hit before our opponent brings this around, the question is whether we can hold that checker or if they get away immediately and we are forced to play an ace point game.

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