CT State Championship Results

Congratulations to the following players from the 5th Connecticut State Championships. Click player names to see video interviews with Voice of Backgammon Larry Shiller.

Open Winner Bahman Zandi. Did you know that Bahman played backgammon from when he was a toddler in Iran? And you’ll never guess – but you’ll learn – how he plays an opening 5-1. Is that his secret?

Open Runner Up Ray Fogerlund. Ray talks about his backgammon journey – both his struggles and successes – and why he’s called six two.

Consolation Winner Karen Davis. President and Executive Director of the USBGF, Karen shares USBGF goals along with her take on the consolation finals match vs Boris Dakhtyar.

Last Chance Winner Rich Munitz. Larry said he’ll be happy to interview Rich when he wins sooner.

See match video with commentary at twitch.tv/voiceofbackgammon.

Download XG Analysis at voiceofbackgammon.com/past-tournaments (please allow up to one week for all analyses to be posted).