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Backgammon players and their families are coming to town. They’ll be hungry and have money to spend. Let’s bring them to your restaurant.

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Backgammon players are coming to town for the weekend. They go out for dinner every night, have plenty of spending money, and are looking for a local restaurant to spend it.

Backgammon players are social and typically go out in large groups.

Let us help you have them dine in your restaurant.

Our restaurant promotion package provides you with everything you need to attract diners:

1) At the tournament, each player gets a printed advertisement with your name, logo, address, and description (you may supply artwork and/or printing or we will do so at no charge)

2) PA announcements twice/day (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday); one for lunch and one for dinner

3) Voice of Backgammon announcements with your logo featured on live streams (at least once/match)

4) Banner display in the tournament room (you supply the banner, up to 4′ x 8′)

5) Pre-tournament email and Facebook post reminders to all tournament participants

When your order is placed, you will be asked to supply printed ad information and Voice of Backgammon announcement text.


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