Play Online? Please Share Your Experience…

We’re working on a Best Of post on the best (and not-so-best) online backgammon apps, including all three combinations of human-computer play.

Can you help out with your experience? In the comments below, please tell us:

1) Name of the app and platform(s) [e.g., Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android]

2) Cost [free/one-time/subscription]

3) How well or poorly does the computer play?

4) Other comments, e.g., What features would you like to see? Does it support human-human, computer-computer, and/or human-computer play?

Thank you! We will compile and publish the results. Please register if you’d like an email with the results.

One Reply to “Play Online? Please Share Your Experience…”

  1. GridGammon offers a great platform that is available to Windows, Mac and Linux players. All the options one would want are available at GridGammon, except a clock.The level of play is very high and it is free to all players. GridGammon gets my vote for the top site. Running closely behind is GammonSite, followed by Safe Harbor Games. GammomSite is a pay to play site-$20/yr ($14 to USBGF members.) Safe Harbor Games asks for a “Donation” of $20/yr but thisis not a requirement.
    Backgammon Studio is a wonderful site, growing and getting better everyday. It offers all kinds of resources and practice challenges, making it quite unique. It is free but to get rid of ads they require $2/mo.

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