New Powerful Backgammon Alliance Takes Shape

Play backgammon but don’t know BMAB or VoB? You soon will. Here’s why…

Backgammon Masters Awarding Body (BMAB) and Voice of Backgammon (VoB) share the same goal: To promote backgammon as a leading international mind sport.

That’s why BMAB and VoB have just reached agreement to work together to further the popularity and professionalism of backgammon. For starters:

  • VoB’s Larry Shiller will provide official color commentary for BMAB tournaments
  • BMAB Grandmasters (GMs) will provide VoB with expert commentary at VoB tournaments, which will guarantee quality expert analysis with GMs playing on average with a performance rating (PR) under 4*.

“By combining two major forces in the world of backgammon, Voice of Backgammon and BMAB plan to make backgammon a professional mind sport that grows the interest and involvement of the world’s backgammon players and sponsors,” said Larry Shiller, known as The Voice of Backgammon.

“Larry Shiller brings a sorely needed entertaining and professional voice to the world of backgammon,” said Masayuki Mochizuki, known as Mochy, BMAB President. “As the world’s authority on measuring backgammon excellence, BMAB sees greater growth and greater acceptance of backgammon as a mind sport through our collaboration with Larry and VoB.”

The collaboration kicks off November 1, 2017 at the 5th Merit Open in Kyrenia, North Cyprus, where Mochy and other well-respected Grandmasters will provide expert commentary alongside Larry Shiller. Live streaming and archival of match commentary are available at

One of the oldest sports in the world, backgammon has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity. It is estimated that over 300 million people worldwide play regularly.

* – PR stands for Performance Rating, which is a measure of a backgammon player’s skill. A PR of zero is perfect and currently only thirty-six world-wide players have achieved an average PR of under 4.

Note: Grandmaster appearance at VoB Tournaments is subject to availability.

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  1. Hi Larry, Congrats on VoB and your collaboration with BMAB. I am interested in hosting a BMAB event in Louisville that my company Edj Analytics would sponsor. I would like to discus details with you. Will you be in Cyprus? I am arriving on 10/29 if you are.

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